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This is a temporary website to confuse you. We're busy making beer and not doing this website, sorry.

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Number one most frequently asked question via the (old) website: Can I buy a ‘Goes down better than the German fleet’ bar runner? Answer: No, sorry, they’re currently sold out.

Number two most FAQ: Can I buy a t-shirt? A: Kinda. You can buy the t-shirt below as long as you know beforehand: it’s not actually that colour, it’s more like a deep sky blue; it’s only available in XL; yes, the text on the back is meant to be cut off like that; we’ll send it to you for only £12.50 (within the UK).


Scapa Special t-shirt

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We have changed our website temporarily while we start to think about building a new one. You can contact us at the brewery on 01856 721 700. Read more →