Craft brewery in Orkney

This is a temporary website while we work on our look; please have a read when you're here anyway and come back soon for the real thing!

Buy bottled beer online

Just in time for Christmas, you can now buy our bottles online via The Craft Bottle Co. Check them out here and get a selection of our beers delivered to your door. One day we’ll get our own mail-order system but for now, trust these guys. Read more →

Online shop/Black Friday in Orkney

Most Fridays between 21st of November and 16th of February are pretty black here in Orkney: between these dates (pretty much) the sun rises post-mashing in and sets pre-yeast pitching; unless we’re lucky enough to have to load a lorry the only time we see daylight is at the weekend. That said, this Friday is no different to any other… Read more →


It’s morning of opening night so here’s some detail to hook you in just in time! This weekend is the inaugural ORKTOBERFEST (capitals are intentional and yes, we are planning for this to be an annual thing). Our friends at the Stromness Hotel have kindly let us use their upstairs bar to pour beers (and ciders!) from some of our… Read more →

Swannay Brewery T-shirts

So who wants a t-shirt! Now selling the new Swannay t-shirts in three colours. Only £15 including postage in the UK. If you wish to purchase one and you live outwith the UK, give us an email and we will give you a quote for postage. E-mail – beerme [at] swannaybrewery [dot] com You can select size and colour below.… Read more →