Craft brewery in Orkney

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Brewery of the Month

We’re pleased to be Brewery of the month at drinkmonger by Royal Mile Whiskies. Check us out, and maybe even order some beer online, by clicking here Thanks for having us guys Read more →

Online beer shopping

So it seems updating this website actually makes folk visit it; it also seems that a lot of you actually want to buy our beers from us. Well, we know it’s really bad, but we haven’t got a website like that yet (we are working on it, honest). Meantime, you could visit the websites below who, at the time of writing, can… Read more →

World class beers

We were rather happy on Friday to learn that we had again taken home a clutch of medals from the prestigious International Brewing Awards. Dubbed the ‘Oscars of the brewing world’, we really value this competition highly as it judged only by hand-picked practicing brewing professionals. Of course we think our beers are great, and if our peers think so… Read more →

Old Norway

We don’t bottle beers enough. Without being too defeatist, bottling is difficult, expensive and a little bit nerve-racking for us. We don’t have a bottling machine so we have to ship what we brew off the island to have it packaged. To do this we put the beer in transport tanks that we clean, purge and fill with parental-like care,… Read more →